Reflexology Ergonomics Workshop

Healer, heal thyself. Better yet, invest in self-care knowledge that helps you stay healthy and practicing, and enjoying a long career as a reflexologist. Learn how to protect your most valuable tool—your thumb!—and proper posture for performing reflexology in seated or standing positions. We’ll explore table-height to seat-height ratio, body mechanics, hand care, injury prevention and more, while gaining an understanding of how the body works in postural function and dysfunction, including common muscular and fascial patterns for reflexologists.




5 hours via Zoom


$95 CAD

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Friday, 1 October - 9am to 2:30pm

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Friday, 16 December - 9am to 2:30pm

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5 hours live online class instruction - 1 day course


Protecting the thumbs, the "dos and don’ts" of caterpillar and pressure techniques; hand ‘loosening’ techniques and strengthening techniques; posture and postural problems for reflexologists; proper sitting and standing during your sessions; anatomy of the vertebral column, common problems, and self-correction solutions; simple stretches for prevention of injury; the relationship between tight chest muscles and taut mid-shoulder muscles; the fight-or-flight effect on muscles and compensation patterns; how your fascia tries to help but can become problematic; helpful ergonomic aides to keep in your office.


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