Beach Meditation

Expand your interpretive skills and access the aura’s information for healing and guidance. Aura II participants will fine tune their perceptive abilities as they watch the aura’s response to questions presented to the body, allow for the aura to show them where to assist in an ‘emotional healing’ in the field, and learn to perceive interpersonal auric interactions in groups of two. We will also explore the ethical concepts of privacy, permission, and personal integrity as we deepen our grounding practice and develop heightened sensitivity towards the processes of others. The rejuvenating ‘jump-start’ technique of purposefully expanding and contracting the auric field will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. 

15 hour Auric Clearing Certification:

15 hours class instruction, highly experiential


Auric Structure Review; Energy Anatomy; Auric Responsiveness; the Emotional Body; the Heart Field; Auric Constructs as Protective Mechanisms; The Human Energy Field in Relationships; Group Auric Fields; Common Aura Representations/Archetypes; Ethics of Auric Viewing and Interaction; Assisting Auric Clearing in Groups of Two; Techniques to Expand the Aura.


Pre-requisite: Auric I - Auric Perception Certification


Certificate Awarded: Following class instruction: Certificate of Attendance attesting to 15 hours of training


Format/Tuition: 2 days, $280

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