Chakra Balancing Professional Certification

The chakras are spinning energy vortices, located near the vertical axis of the spine, that metabolize energy in the body and energy field. They have been studied in depth for over 3000 years and are deeply rooted in eastern medicine. Practitioners will learn a step by step protocol for chakra balancing. Clients receive benefits on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels of wellness. We will consider ethical questions involved in assisting others through the chakra energy system, with emphasis placed on mindfulness, a ‘do no harm’ approach, respectful practitioner boundaries, and grounded-ness. 

200 hour Chakra Balancing Professional Certification:

35 hours class instruction
130 hours practicum (65 practicum sessions: 6 people X 10 session, +5 self sessions with record keeping)
15 hours independent assignments

20 hours home study/exam preparation
Exam (to be scheduled within one year of class instruction modules) 


History of the Chakra System; The Seven Main Energy Centers of the Body; Physical, Emotional, Psychological and Energetic aspects of Each center; Sensing Chakra Spin; Spin Configurations; Common Patterns and Their Meanings; “Opening” the Chakras; Filling the Auric Field Layer of Each Chakra; Stabilizing a Damaged Chakra; Role of the Therapist; Boundaries and Self-Care; Professional Communication; Treatment Protocol, Record Keeping and Practicum Guidelines.


Textbook/workbook: provided.


Pre-requiste: none.

Course completion date: 12 months from start date.


Certificate Awarded: Following class instruction: Certificate of Attendance attesting to 35 hours of training;

Following completion of full course requirements: Professional Certificate attesting to 200 hours of training


Format/Tuition: 4 days, $995

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