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Diploma Programs

Are you just starting out in the field of reflexology or holistic bodywork and looking to immerse yourself in the field? Or perhaps you are a practitioner who requires a certain level of educational attainment in order to be eligible for clients' health insurance coverage, or for your membership to a professional reflexology or bodywork association?


​Our diploma programs provide you with professional acknowledgement of your cumulative accomplishments and allow you to work toward concrete evidence of your experience as a therapist in the field. 

​Our diploma programs bundle a number of our most popular classes together. Upon completion of your individual certification courses, you will receive a diploma detailing the cumulative hours and components of your training.

In Canada, reflexology is a non-regulated profession both provincially and federally. Choosing to enroll in our diploma program allows you to communicate your professional experience in a clear and transparent manner. Unlock a new stage in your career!

Stay tuned for more information on the 300 & 500 hour Diploma Programs!