Also known as ‘insect’ reflexology, each digit contains an entire reflex map for the body. We will shrink our caterpillar technique down to a tiny pulsing movement, use the edges of our fingernails, and introduce the use of reflexology tools, to access very small reflexes in each finger and toe. Like ear reflexology, each digit represents the entire body. Therefore, after this course, you’ll have therapeutic access to 20 more reflex points for each organ!

25 hour Finger-toe Reflexology Certification:

7 hours class instruction

14 hours practicum (7 practicum sessions: 7 people X 1 session, with health record keeping)
4 hours independent assignments 


Theory of Finger-toe Reflexology; Body Orientation and Reflex Layout; Referral Areas as Body Reflexes; Anatomy of - and conditions affecting - the digits; Finger/Toe Reflexes and Techniques; Speciaized Tools for Reflexology Application; Indications and Contraindications; Practicum and Record Keeping Guidelines.


Textbook/workbook: provided.

*PRE-REQUISITE: Foot reflexology student status with the Atlantic School of Reflexology, OR professional status as a Certified Reflexology Therapist from any institution with a minimum 30-hour class instruction format.

Course completion date: 6 months from start date.


Certificate Awarded: Following class instruction: Certificate of Attendance attesting to 7 hours of training;

Following completion of full course requirements: Certificate of Advanced Training attesting to 25 hours of training


Format/Tuition: 1 day, $195

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