Join us for live online meditation classes!


Who can join? 


  • Anyone who would benefit from a regular health check-in for body and mind blocks

  • Those who want to calm the stress response

  • Those who want to boost the immune system and balance hormones 

  • People who can’t currently attend regular therapy sessions, body- or mind-focused, because of social distancing

  • Anyone who wants to connect better with others and themselves! 


These body-centric and energy focused meditations, in a live online series, will be presented in the following format (approx 1/2 hour): 


  • one live class a week, each class then available as a recording to use again

  • beginning of class check-in via live chat

  • Intro to the type of meditation and our goals

  • 10-20 mins of live guided meditation (live classes evenings)

  • closing feedback via live chat


Note: Attendees in the live sessions will see each other during the check-in and chats to foster community, but only the actual meditation will be recorded, with only the instructor on camera. Recording is disabled during discussions among participants. 



10 week program @ 1 meditation per week, (ultimately 10 meditations to reuse!) 


  1. Progressive muscle relaxation (standard script)

  2. Central Nervous System (CNS) balancing, calming the mind for sleep

  3. Body-talk, the hormone system

  4. Body-talk, the immune system

  5. Opening and aligning the energy centers of the body (chakras)

  6. Open heart meditation, for healthy connections with others

  7. Body-centered breathing techniques for relaxation

  8. Core line meditation: bringing in fresh energy, releasing the old

  9. Activating your healing hands

  10. Communicating with your best self


**Each class will be recorded, so you can enroll anytime!**

Upcoming dates:

Live Online via Zoom- Starting 13 May 2020 at 8:30pm (every Wednesday for 10 weeks)

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