DEPOSIT Craniosacral Reflexology Professional Certification

DEPOSIT Craniosacral Reflexology Professional Certification

*$100 deposit toward Craniosacral Reflexology Professional Certification, full course fees of $460 total due before course starts. We will invoice you for your balance, keep an eye on your email!*


Join us for 15 hours of class instruction and gain a firm foundation and expertise in craniosacral reflexology. Complete this course and receive your Craniosacral Reflexology Professional Certification.


Craniosacral therapy focuses on the health of cranium and the spine, and the cerebral spinal fluid flowing between them. Elements of Upledger’s craniosacral ten-step protocol can easily be applied through the “little body in the feet”, encouraging a healthy head, neck and spine, and proper cerebral spinal fluid flow. Help your clients using new palpation skills that elongate the reflex spine through the OA lift, sacral drop and dural tube rock. Benefits include: easing spinal discomfort, easing pressure off of spinal nerves, increasing flow of spinal/cranial fluid, helping with head injury symptoms and improving foot conditions related to muscular tension, ligament or bone injury. 


Your 75 hour Craniosacral Foot Reflexology Professional Certification includes: 15 hours class instruction, textbook/workbook, 50 hours practicum*, 25 practicum sessions: 5 people X 5 sessions, with record keeping), 10 hours independent assignments/study, exam (practical exam only, during the last day of class)

*(25 practicum sessions: 5 people X 5 sessions, with record keeping)


Content: Craniosacral Therapy Discovery and Evolution, Craniosacral Therapy Theory; Anatomy of the Cranium, Spine, and Craniosacral system; Releasing Transverse Restrictions of the Body, the Cranial Nerves and Their Function, Craniosacral Reflexes, the Craniosacral Rhythm, Foot Molding/Unwinding, Spontaneous Release.


*PRE-REQUISITE: Foot Reflexology Professional Certification student status with the Atlantic School of Reflexology, OR professional status as a Certified Reflexologist from any institution with a minimum 30-hour class instruction format.


Certificate Awarded: Following class instruction: Certificate of Attendance attesting to 15 hours of training;

Following completion of full course requirements: Professional Certificate attesting to 75 hours of training


Format/Tuition: 2 days, $460


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