FULL COURSE FEES Fertility Reflexology Professional Certification

FULL COURSE FEES Fertility Reflexology Professional Certification

*This includes your $100 course deposit fee.*


9 am to 5 pm; 15 hours Certificate of Attendance, 75 hours Professional Certification


Two days in the classroom, plus a practicum that you do on your own time and at your own pace, earns you a certification attesting to 75 training hours. 



Fertility reflexology focuses on preparing bodies for pregnancy, by following reflexology principles and protocol regarding: encouraging and tracking the body’s natural detoxification processes, lymph drainage and improved circulation; the impact of chronic stress on the fertility hormones, and fostering compatibility for both male and female contributing factors. Since reflexology is limited to working with the body’s inner-resources—and does not involve invasive techniques, medical tests or medications—reflexology plays a supportive role when genetic/medical reasons for infertility have first been ruled out, and can play a complimentary role with other approaches.

Course content includes: anatomy and physiology of male and female reproductive and endocrine systems; the holistic model of reflexology as pertains to emotional health; and, the energy model of reflexology as pertains to energy balance (homeostasis) and the clearing of stagnant or obstructive energy through relevant reflexes.


Your 5 hour Fertility Reflexology Certification includes:

15 hours class instruction
50 hours practicum (25 practicum sessions: 5 people X 5 sessions, with health record keeping)
10 hours independent assignments

Exam (practical exam only, during the last day of class)

Content:Theory of Fertility Reflexology; Safety Precautions and Contraindications; Avoidance of Toxin Release; Specific Organs in Need of Support;  Father’s Role; Treatment of the Couple; Practicum and Record Keeping Guidelines

Textbook/workbook: provided.


*PRE-REQUISITE: Foot reflexology student status with the Atlantic School of Reflexology, OR professional status as a Certified Reflexology Therapist from any institution with a minimum 30-hour class instruction format.

Course completion date: 6 months from start date.


Certificate Awarded: Following class instruction: Certificate of Attendance attesting to 15 hours of training;

Following completion of full course requirements: Professional Certificate attesting to 75 hours of training


Format/Tuition: 2 days, $460


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