Live Online Trauma/Tension Release Exercises (TRE) Classes

Live Online Trauma/Tension Release Exercises (TRE) Classes

Experiencing stress or tension? Don’t have access to your regular massages or support systems? Through simple guided exercises, learn how regular practice of inducing ‘tremors’ has far reaching health benefits from physical tension release to emotional balance and restoration of the nervous system. 


Based on the work of trauma expert David Bercelli, this TRE series focuses on the body’s organically driven stress ‘discharge’ method, in live online classes.


In her work as a craniosacral therapist supporting trauma and emotional release, Jennifer has seen neurogenic tremors appear through bodywork for over fifteen years, and has supported clients in achieving their therapeutic benefit. Now, through her training as a TRE facilitator, she can help you understand the mechanism behind the tremors, and how to safely induce them on your own. 


From your own home, you’ll be joining us in a series of exercises, ending with lying on the wear loose, comfortable clothing and have a yoga mat or folded blanket for comfort.


There will be 5 classes total each lasting for 1 hour.


Each class will be recorded, so you can enroll anytime!


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