Thai Stem Reflexology Professional Certification

Thai Stem Reflexology Professional Certification

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9 am to 5 pm; 7 hours Certificate of Attendance, 25 hours Professional Certification

During thai stem reflexology, reflexology therapists make use of steamed herbal compresses to stimulate the reflexes through gliding, pounding, and compressing reflex areas on the feet and legs. The compresses provide herbal qualities that stimulate the olfactory system while also providing benefits to the skin itself. The warmth of the compresses is soothing and provides local relaxation effects to feet and legs, and simultaneously the whole body responds to the balancing effects of the reflexology systems. Thai stem reflexology builds on principles of energy movement via thai ‘sen lines’, clearing blockages that lead to ill-health, and opening channels for grounding energy related to the first chakra. The focus on upward strokes and rhythmic rocking techniques is also beneficial for lymph movement. Finally, we cover topics of using quality materials, from herbs to oils, and explore recipes for accompanying foot baths or thai stem foot soaks, that will extend the benefits to clients long after their session.


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