Reiki Treatment

Reiki I, II, III Certification

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing art in which a Reiki Master opens a specific energy channel through the student, in a series of Reiki symbol attunements, to allow for the permanent flow of Reiki healing energy upon intent. Reiki is a gentle, soothing, powerful self-guided energy, usually felt as heat emanating from the hands. Reiki I practitioners can begin work with clients right away. Reiki II initiates distance healing ability and deepens responsibility for working with the symbols, and level three, according to Takada’s teachings, is the mastership/teaching level, in which the new Reiki Master may begin attuning others. 


Certificate Awarded: Following class instruction, Reiki I Practitioner Certificate, Reiki II Practitioner Certificate, or Reiki III Master Certificate; Usui System of Natural Healing.



Reiki I, (4 attunements), 2 days, $225

Reiki II, (2 attunements), 2 days, $295

Reiki III, individual basis, $995

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