ASR Student Financial Aid Program


Pay it forward!

Atlantic School of Reflexology is very pleased to offer a Student Financial Aid Program, based on the pay-it-forward principle.


Strengthening Communities


With an awareness and gratefulness for those in this world who give to others without expecting anything in return, The Atlantic School of Reflexology has created a Student Aid Program to help students in the same way. Together we can support the betterment of communities, one pay-it-forward gesture at a time.


What To Do:


  1. Write us a letter explaining your plan to use reflexology to 'pay-it forward' into your community 

  2. Have someone who believes in your plan provide a reference letter

  3. Essay and reference letter may be published on our website

  4. Apply the Student Financial Award towards your tuition




Applicants for partial tuition aid are asked to submit/email an e-letter request for funding (Up to 500 words), describing the way in which they intend to use their new reflexology skills to pay the value forward into their community—accompanied by an attachment of a personal character reference of someone who knows the applicant’s pay-it-forward plan, and who believes in their intention.


Full name and contact information of both applicant and reference are required. Successful applicants' essays and/or reference letters (complete or excerpts) may be published on the website, with the first and last names and general regional location of the submitters. (Personal contact information is not released.) . Remember, paying it forward doesn’t have to be a giant effort; meaningful smaller gestures are just as important!


Who Should Apply?


It is understood that the awards will be applied for by those who, at the time of application, would otherwise have difficulty attending a course for reasons of financial hardship. Based on the honor system, no financial records are required, and applicants are not required to explain financial circumstances. Please apply for this program if you feel you are in need of assistance.


How Many Awards Are There?


There are a limited number of financial awards, so applications will be judged on an individual basis, with the option of a waiting list if necessary. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an award for every applicant. In order to keep applications current, the process will begin anew each calendar year; applicants are therefore responsible for re-applying on their own accord.


20 Awards per Calendar Year: $4000


  • 4 Partial Tuition Awards of $350 towards Foot Reflexology Professional Certification Course

  • 5 Partial Tuition Awards of $200 towards any Professional Certification Course of $400 tuition or greater

  • 11 Partial Tuition Awards of $100 towards any Professional Certification Course of any tuition value


The Fine Print


1. Must apply for a specific course on a specific scheduled course date. 2. Award funds have no cash value and are not transferable nor refundable. 3. Students who have been granted an Award will receive a confirmation letter, and directives to proceed to registration with a non-refundable $100 deposit as per usual policy. 4. Award is applied as a tuition credit at the time of payment of the tuition balance, on the first day of class, OR can be applied prior to the course date if tuition balance is to be paid in full at the time of registration ($100 remains designated as non-refundable deposit). 5. If an Award Recipient applied for a specific date and then cannot attend, Award is void and does not carry forward. 6. May not be combined with ASR promotional offers. 7. Successful applicant’s essays and/or reference letters (complete or excerpts) may be published on the website, with the first and last names and general regional location of the authors. (Personal contact information is not released.) 8. For courses that receive T2202A forms from ASR, tuition amount PAID is reported on T2202A form, for purposes of student educational tax credits for Personal Income Tax Return.