Holding Hands

Bodies with gentle needs often feel like they have been hit by a truck following ‘regular’ massage or bodywork sessions. Dealing with chronic pain on a daily basis, often these bodies have shifted their receptive sensory defenses several inches away from the skin into the human energy field (HEF), and therefore require bodywork that acknowledges this new boundary. Therapists learn how to be ‘let in’ to body tissue work, eliciting a much more favorable response. If you are a participant with chronic pain, learn how to listen to your body and speak for your body’s needs. Gentle and highly effective bodywork techniques will be given and received in a respectful class setting. These techniques are for any therapist who uses touch in their work, including reflexology therapists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, reiki practitioners, and others.

Pre-requisite:  Any Professional Therapist (licenced for bodywork practice); OR Student of ASR Foot Reflexology; OR Foot Reflexology Certification from ANY institute (minimum 30 hours classroom plus 60 hours practicum)

Cost: $90

Workshop runs from 9 am to 2:30 pm.

Upcoming Gentle-Bodies Reflexology Workshop