Why choose Atlantic School of Reflexology?

With programs that meet and exceed industry standards, Atlantic School of Reflexology will give you an excellent foundation for a reflexology or holistic bodywork career.

We are a federally registered career college with 20 years of experience helping reflexology therapists get their start. Our students receive hands-on training in small class settings and ongoing support toward their certification.

Programs are flexible; come take a course then move through the rest of the program at your own pace, completing independent assignments and practicing your newfound skills during your practicum. We provide ongoing support through course extensions and former students are entitled to special rates for refresher training.

Our program is recognized by key reflexology associations in Canada. Our students and graduates are eligible for professional liability insurance should they wish to carry it.

Look at what past students are saying about their experience with Atlantic School of Reflexology!

Start your career with confidence! Get certified with us today.


Atlantic School of Reflexology and director Jennifer Johnson are co-winners, along with Michelle Mork of West Coast Reflexology, of RAC's "Excellence in Teaching 2018" award.

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How do I COMPARE SCHOOLS, since so many course-hours and tuitions are different?


Ask INFORMED questions! This info should be readily available, in an accessible and transparent way. 


Ask these questions for TIME:

(For ASR, all these are answered on individual course descriptions pages. Ex. Foot Reflexology Course Page)


  • How many hours will I spend with an instructor? 

  • How many practicum sessions will I need to complete?

  • How many practicum hours do the sessions count for (preparing for sessions, interviewing clients, doing the sessions, and writing reports)?

  • Are there any assignments? How long will they take?

  • How much time will I need to study for exams?  


Ask these questions for TUITION:


  • Are there any taxes on tuition? (No)

  • Are there any exam fees? (No,  within first year FREE)

  • Are there any EXTRA fees? (No)

  • Are there any government fees? (NB only, 1% Student Protection Fee, Foot Reflexology)

  • Are there tuition rebates on income tax? (YES! Up to 1/3 of tuition refunded in income taxes)

  • Are there any scholarships/student aid?(Yes)


Then compare the results, and the tuition value.


Finally, consider these points:


  • What value you place on the institution’s reputation and experience? (20+ years)

  • Is the school/course approved by associations? (YES!)

  • Are courses BLENDED? For example, Foot and Hand reflexology together? How many hours for each? (No. Each course is clearly defined, and you can take as many as you want, with DIPLOMA options.)

  • Does the teaching style and format match your learning style? (Yes. ASR honors and works with all learning styles.)

  • Can you access graduate-comments, about what they thought of their training? (Yes!)

  • Is there a website? Is it PROFESSIONAL? Can You access INFORMATION? (yes and YES!)


There’s nothing wrong with comparison shopping and quality shopping—it’s YOUR education, and something you will want to feel proud of.