Lymph Drainage Reflexology helps remove metabolic waste, excess water and toxins from the body. It helps decrease swelling from injury or edema, but also deeply affects the central nervous system with additional benefits of full body relaxation, pain relief and immune-boosting effects, making it an ideal approach for anyone with stress-related, chronic pain, or autoimmune conditions. Since it is performed on the reflex level at the feet or hands, it doesn’t have the same contraindications of Manual Lymph Drainage performed ‘on body’, and is therefore the very useful in working with post-cancer complications involving lymph accumulation or node removal. 

75 hour Lymph Drainage Professional Certification:

15 hours class instruction (2 modules)
50 hours practicum (25 practicum sessions: 5 people X 5 sessions, with record keeping)
10 hours independent assignments/study
Exam (practical exam only, during the last day of class)


Lymph Drainage Theory; History and Pioneers in the Lymph Drainage Field; Anatomy and Physiology of the Lymph System; Watersheds and Direction of Flow; Major Drainage Points; Disorders of the Lymphatic System; Contraindications and Special Considerations; Reflexology Techniques; Lymph Drainage Reflexology Routine; Treatment Planning, Tracking Symptom Changes; Measurement Techniques; Health Record Keeping; Practicum and Assignment Guidelines.


Textbook/workbook: provided.


*PRE-REQUISITE: Foot reflexology student status with the Atlantic School of Reflexology, OR professional status as a Certified Reflexology Therapist from any institution with a minimum 30-hour class instruction format. 

Course completion date: 6 months from start date.


Certificate Awarded: Following class instruction: Certificate of Attendance attesting to 15 hours of training;

Following completion of full course requirements: Professional Certificate attesting to 75 hours of training


Format/Tuition: 2 days, $460

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