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Lymph Drainage Reflexology is a methodical approach to developing, implementing, and tracking reflexology treatment plans that target the proper function of the body’s lymphatic system, using the reflex map of the feet or hands, to promote immune system health, relaxation and pain relief. Lymph reflexology is especially useful for clients who have inflammatory and immunocompromised conditions, but also acts as a tool to strengthen the function of the immune system in general, necessary for the prevention of illness

75-hour Lymph Drainage Reflexology Professional Certification: 

  • 12 hours live-online instruction plus 3 hours online contact with course content. For in person course-15 hours of in person instruction.

  • 50 hours practicum (25 practicum sessions:5 people X 5 sessions with record keeping)

  • 10 hours independent assignments/study

  • Exam (online-written exam within 6 months of class instruction; practical in-class exam)

Course Outline:  In this course, you’ll learn about the body’s lymphatic system, including: anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system and how the lymphatic vessels play a huge role in regulating the inflammatory response; what lymph is and how it moves through the body in a predictable direction and route, and where ‘drained’ excess fluid ultimately ends up; how the lymphatic system works in partnership with the immune system to keep us healthy; advanced application of lymphatic reflexes and lymphatic drainage reflexology protocol.  

Textbook/workbook: Available for online download.

Pre-requisite: professional certification in a foundation foot reflexology course of minimum 30 hours in classroom and 60 sessions of practicum


Certificate Awarded: Following class instruction:

  • Certificate of Attendance attesting to 15 hours of training. 

  • Professional Certificated attesting to 75 hours of training, following completion of full course requirements


Tuition for full course $695.00

Registration closed!

In-person class Fredericton, New Brunswick, CA

Saturday, 18 May 2024 -9am-5pm

Sunday, 19 May 2024 - 9am-5pm

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