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The Essentials (Part Two) - The Easiest & Safest Essential Oils to Add to Your Practice

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

By Jennifer Johnson

Useful, healing additions to reflexology and other therapies, essential oils have the ability to promote relaxation and even treat symptoms on their own. We asked our experts to recommend the best safe and easy options to work with.

In a world that may seem like it's constantly in busy motion, receiving a treatment like reflexology can be a welcome time for relaxation and healing. And further increasing the benefits of this relaxation and reparation time in the body can be easy and safe, by adding essential oils.

The oils can be diffused into the air during a treatment or combined with a carrier oil to be rubbed onto the feet. ​The feet are an ideal area for oils to also be easily absorbed directly into the body.

We asked our experts which essential oils will be the safest for most clients, but that will also have the widest therapeutic applications.

Carly Woodhouse, an ASR instructor in Alberta, has been trained in reflexology, massage therapy and aromatherapy. Her top picks for great essential oils to use in a practice are oregano, thyme, basil, cypress, marjoram, and frankincense.

Carolyn McGouey, an ASR instructor in New Brunswick, is a reflexology therapist and a certified energy practitioner. Her favorite essential oils to use in her practice are oregano, cypress, lavender, and melaleuca.

Carly and Carolyn share more on how these essential oils can be some of the most useful additions to a reflexology or other healing treatment.