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We specialize in dynamic, award-winning instruction, delivered live-online.

Start your reflexology or holistic bodywork career today!

We support new and experienced practitioners in mastering the knowledge they need, to help others achieve their ideal health goals through reflexology and holistic therapies.

Whether you are looking to start a career in reflexology or holistic bodywork, or are already an experienced body therapist looking to expand your expertise, it can be difficult to find professional training in a fun and flexible environment. We can get you there.
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Foot Reflexology


Are you new to reflexology? Or are you a therapist who wants to offer reflexology services? These professional courses are designed to help you gain a firm reflexology foundation and expertise, with the flexibility of remote learning. Start here!

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Already a certified reflexology therapist? These courses offer effective new skills and advanced level training to take your services to the next level for the needs of your clients.

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Are you fascinated by holistic healing? Are you a beginner, or a practicing therapist looking to add more gentle or energy-based modalities? Start your holistic bodywork practice here, employing hands-on professional applications and highly experiential training

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Take a fascinating trip within, to learn about the systems of the body - the organs, glands, muscles and bones - and how the structure of each relates to its function. These courses include recorded lectures and interactive lessons, and are open enrollment, for your convenience. Start whenever you'd like, and learn at your own pace!

Carolyn and Jennifer


Full spectrum learning, from introductory-level material to advanced level training, these impactful workshops will stack your therapy toolbox!


Aaron Murphy
Foot Reflexology

As a Registered Massage Therapist, I thought Reflexology would be a great add on for my existing clients. In addition to that, it has opened the door to a whole new client base and given me more insight into how I can really help people.

I really enjoyed taking the Foot Reflexology Professional Course. It was professional as well as personal and I felt fully supported through every step. From the course, the review, the exams to the application for certification.

Thank you so much to the Atlantic School of Reflexology.

Amanda Hibsman
Body Reflexology

I am an ASR Certified Reflexologist and I took advanced reflexology training . After taking the Body Reflexology course, I was able to increase my client caseload. My clients have been loving the added treatment option, whether I'm starting a foot reflexology session with a certain body reflex point, or doing a whole body reflexology session.


My favorite part about it is when treatment progress gets "stuck", I can use the body reflexes to move us forward again. For example, one client who experienced overactive nerves in her feet, which caused walking to be difficult, made wonderful progress with foot reflexology and felt about 80% better. But, after 6 months, the last 20% remained unchanged. After discussing body reflexology with her, she allowed me to access reflexes on her lower back and legs...and after just 3 sessions, she reported feeling 90% better! Back to walking, and back to enjoying her feet and life.

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