Asian reflexology is quick, dynamic, and movement-oriented, and will be an asset to current reflexology skills. Learn how to prepare your clients for a more in depth pressure application, based on cultural differences in ‘working’ the reflexes, and how to collaborate with your clients in this fast-paced application of active reflexology principles. . 

25 hour Asian Foot and Leg Reflexology Professional Certification:

7 hours class instruction (online or in person)
14 hours practicum (7 practicum sessions: 7 people X 1 session, with health record keeping)
4 hours independent assignments 


Cultural Differences in Reflexology Approaches; Active Approach to Reflexology; Reflex Areas of the Leg and Knee; Techniques of Toe Popping, ‘Hammering’ and Specific Leg Work; Grips and Finger Movements as Adapting to an Active Pace; Reflexology Tool/Stick Use; Indications and Contraindications; Practicum, Documentation and Assignment guidelines.


Textbook/workbook: Available for online download.


*PRE-REQUISITE: Foot reflexology student status with the Atlantic School of Reflexology, OR professional status as a Certified Reflexology Therapist from any institution with a minimum 30-hour class instruction format.

Course completion date: 2 months from start date.


Certificate Awarded: Following class instruction: Certificate of Attendance attesting to 7 hours of training;

Following completion of full course requirements: Certificate of Advanced Training attesting to 25 hours of training


Tuition: $295

**You must purchase your own Reflexology Stick prior to the start of the course**

Upcoming Asian Foot & Leg Reflexology Professional Certification Courses

Online via Zoom, 9am to 5pm (Atlantic Canada time):

Friday, 29 October 2021

Monday, 6 December 2021