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Nature's Reflexology: Step on Things!

Summer and bare feet—a perfect combo! Keep your body healthy this summer by walking on bumpy things.

Agility Training for the Foot!

By continually adjusting to irregular surfaces, the foot’s flexibility and muscle tone are consistently improved. As exposure to different surfaces broadens the foot’s experience, resilience, and ability to maintain balance, the foot becomes more capable of providing a sound base for postural stability, and of providing corrective-reaction when stumbling. But that’s not all!

The earth is a giant reflexologist!

Rocks, mounds and uneven ground stimulate the organs and various body parts through the reflexes on the soles—natural reflexology! Gravity, body weight, and surface firmness determine pressure, while varying textures, smoothness or sharpness contribute to sensation and specific reflex stimulation. The principles of reflexology take care of the rest.

Mats and Paths

Reflexology walking paths, commonplace at public gardens in China, Indian, Thailand, and Japan, are promoted by natural medicine experts. Called “stone-stepping” in China, rock paths are used as a means to balance healthy blood pressure and to lower cholesterol, as well as to alleviate chronic pain and treat common diseases.