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Using Ear Beads in Reflexology Practice

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Ear (auricular) reflexology is complementary, holistic, preventative, and effective. By stimulating reflex points in the ears, the body's self-corrective healing mechanisms are called forth.

Using Ear Beads in Reflexology

Traditionally, ear beads/seeds are used as an adjunct to acupuncture and acupressure, and are believed to help relieve blockages of "qi" energy along meridians. In reflexology applications, the ear bead is used to stimulate physical, emotional and functional reflexes in the ears.

Small seeds of the vaccaria plant, or small plastic beads, are applied to points on the outer ear with medical adhesive tape. The beads may be worn for up to five days, and can be worn while showering and swimming, and because they do not pierce the skin, they won't cause aggravation.

During another reflexology treatment, such as foot, hand or scalp reflexology, ear beads may be placed on reflex points in the ear to "boost" the session, or for desired outcomes like pain relief or inflammation reduction. They may also be used as a way for the client to "self treat" and stimulate key reflexes for a few days following the session.