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Squeeze These! Three Master Ear Points Everyone Should Use

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

1. Shen Men: The “Everything” Point

Is it a miracle that one tiny point in the ear wields so much power? Kind of, which is why its nickname is “Heavenly Gate” or “Divine Point”. It promotes deep healing and helps with that calm-but-energized feeling that frequently follows a good meditation. It's also great for pain relief.

As a master point, Shen Men is always “electrically active”, meaning it is always conductive and ready to amplify energy when needed. It’s a point that’s indicated in most auricular therapy and ear reflexology protocols, since it helps with virtually every condition in its own right, but also it’s used to help make other points more efficient. Why? Shen Men is happy to lend its power to boost the effects of other points.

I use this point frequently for outcomes that may at first seem to oppose one another, but each situation calls on the balancing properties of Shen Men. First, I use Shen Men for its calming qualities. When a client arrives who is particularly charged up and is fidgety or chatty, I use Shen Men to instill a sense of calm and quiet, physically and mentally, which allows for the client to yield control and enjoy the session. Secondly, I use Shen Men for its energizing qualities, allowing it to make other points more effective. In other words, I let it use its conductivity to more fully “turn on” other points.

Similarly, it can also be used like a power surge to give the whole system a boost. One version of this approach is like a computer reset. Imagine a computer glitching so that none of the programs are functioning properly. Shutting the computer off, then on, allows it to reset everything. Similarly with auricular reflexology, if other points don’t seem to be actively working, stop stimulating everything else, spend some time with Shen Men only, then start afresh on the other points…they will most likely work better, having been rebooted.

Shen Men would be helpful in treating for anxiety, depression or hypersensitivity; pain, inflammation or muscle tension; addiction support or detox; and heart and blood conditions.