Top 3 Reasons You Need to Hear About Auricular (Ear) Reflexology

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Every part of the body has a corresponding point on the ear, and auricular (ear) reflexology presents an amazing healing opportunity. On its own, or combined with other reflexology treatments, when it comes to learning about ear reflexology, here's why you should listen.

Listen up!

Our ears do wonderful things for us everyday; they're the gateway between us and our favourite music, the sound of the voice of the person we love, a key part of our experiences and memories. They also give us information, through sound, about our environment. They're also cute and we love to decorate them with jewelry!

But did you know that the ears themselves also hold a fascinating opportunity for healing? They are rich in blood supply and contain a wealth of nerves that can be treated through auricular (ear) reflexology.

The many reflexology points on the ears can help treat conditions throughout the rest of the body (and even the mind!)

Here's more on why ear reflexology has so much to say through its reflexology treatments:

One of a Kind

Ok, so there are many types of reflexology. Chances are you may know one or two forms of therapy, and feel the need to know no more! But ear reflexology is a completely unique healing modality all on its own. The way it treats the body is different-just like the way that facial reflexology can present unique benefits from foot reflexology.

One of the beauties of ear reflexology is that the ears are an easily reachable body part, and unlike the other forms of reflexology, each ear itself represents the span of an entire body. This means only one will need to be treated in order to heal the entire body! The ears are also relatively small areas to work on which can can make it a major time saver.

A Little Bit Closer

Ear reflexology has its own points to treat common symptoms and needs. For example, it is the only form of reflexology with specific points to treat addiction. This gives therapists an opportunity to help people in this area in a specific way who are seeking help. Additionally, by pinching the highest point of the ear (the very top) allergy relief can be found. There are also other specific points to learn for emotional benefits - like promoting emotional balance, treating depression and even calming aggression.

So Simple

With ear reflexology, treating any condition ending with “itis” ( many of them!) finding relief is as easy as gently rubbing the outer edges of the ear to bring relief. This will stimulate the anti-inflammatory points along the ear, assisting with these conditions and providing relief.

These points can be stimulated by the fingers, with a reflexology tool, or by using ear reflexology seeds that are specific for activating the points to create an effect in the body. (They can all be powerful!)

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Jennifer has created beautiful reflex charts for your personal use:

Ear Reflexes Chart

Ear Special & Emotional Reflexes Chart

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